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Urgently wanted: Old photos, documentation, artifacts etc. relating to the Wamuran District. 

If you are able to assist with any old photographs, documents, stories or anecdotes about the early History of the area please don't hesitate to contact us at whvc@wamurancommunity.com.au  Any documentation or photographs that we can use will be scanned off and immediately returned to you.  Copies of any documentation or photos and any artifacts will be stored at the Old Wamuran School, [WHVC], where they will eventually be placed on display to the public.

We are particularly interested in information about the early settler families, land grants and purchases, farming practices, early transport, Cobb and Co. and any famous personalities who may have hailed from the District.  And anything else of an historic nature that will shed a little light on the early days of the district.

If anyone is interested in forming or becoming a member of a Group to research local History please contact one of the members of WHVC or e.mail me and we'll get started.  The longer we wait the less chance we have of talking to the older residents who have the knowledge and, most likely, the photos and documents we need.




 Horse and wagon originally used in the early part of the 20th century.
Put back into service when fuel was rationed in 1946.





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