Fire Regulations


There are two sets of legislation affecting the use of fires outdoors within the Wamuran area:

  • The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Act (the Act); and
  • Moreton Bay Regional Council Subordinate Local Law No. 3 (Community and Environmental Management) 2011.

The Act prohibits the lighting of any fire in Queensland in the open, without a Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) Permit to Light Fire (which can be obtained from a Fire Warden upon application). However, through a Notification under the Act, the Commissioner QFRS has exempted certain fires from requiring a Permit, provided adequate precautions are taken to prevent the spread of fire.

The exempt fires (i.e. those not requiring a QFRS Permit) include some industry-related fires as well as the following:

  • A fire in which neither the height, width nor length of the material to be burnt exceeds 2 metres;
  • A fire lit for the purpose of burning the carcass of a beast; and
  • A fire for cooking and warmth, lit outdoors, if enclosed in a fireplace so constructed as to prevent the escape of fire or any material therefrom.

In order to enable local councils to manage smoke and fire nuisance in built-up areas, the Commissioner’s Notification also allows councils throughout the State to prohibit or restrict those exempt fires mentioned above.

In accordance with the Commissioner’s Notification, Moreton Bay Regional Council has enacted Subordinate Local Law No. 3 (Community and Environmental Management) 2011 to prohibit and restrict the exempt fires as follows:

  • Prohibition has been placed on the lighting of some exempt fires on any property less than 3,000 square metres in size; and
  • Restrictions have been placed on the lighting of some exempt fires on properties greater than 3,001 square metres.

Note: for details about the above prohibition and restrictions, see the Council’s subordinate local law at:


Permit to Light Fire System

The Permit system in managed by local Fire Wardens appointed by the Commissioner QFRS. It ensures that any fire lit, is:

  • Authorised; and
  • Burnt in accordance with conditions set by the Fire Warden, to ensure that it is burnt safely and with due concern for other members of the community.

The process involved in obtaining a Permit to Light Fire is as follows:

  1. Notify neighbours of all adjoining properties of your intention to have a fire, at least 72 hours before submitting your application to the local Fire Warden. This provides neighbours a reasonable amount of time to object to the Permit or, request the Fire Warden to set specific conditions to prevent the fire from effecting them adversely;
  2. Complete and submit an Application for Permit to Light Fire to your local Fire Warden (Permits are free and there is no application fee);
  3. If granted a Permit, carry out the fire in accordance with the conditions contained in the permit.



Penalties exist for lighting a fire without a Permit and/or not abiding by the conditions on a Permit. Penalties can be a $500.00 fine or, if subject to legal action, may result in penalties of $5,000.00 or six months jail;

The Act provides indemnity for liability under common law for those who light a fire under a Permit and abide by it’s conditions – making it worthwhile for those who want to have a fire, to obtain a Permit from their Fire Warden.

Your Local Fire Warden

A contact number for your local Fire Warden can be found in the Fire Warden Finder on the Rural Fire website

Obtaining a Permit to Light Fire

The Rural Fire website also provides detailed information on the Permit system, including brochures and downloadable copies of the Application for Permit to Light Fire (there’s also an example Application). To access this information, click on the Using Fire Outdoors link on the site.


Local Advice and Assistance

Fire Wardens and the Wamuran Rural Fire Brigade can provide advice on how to prepare for and conduct a fire. In some cases, the Brigade may also be able to assist with a burn, however as this is not normally part of the Brigade’s role, it is worthwhile checking with the Brigade before applying for a Permit.


Fire Danger

As a community service, the Wamuran Rural Fire Brigade maintains a Fire Danger sign on the corner of the D’Aguilar Highway and Campbell’s Pocket Road at Wamuran.

This provides a good general reference to the fire danger in the area and should be checked by any resident intending to have a fire (either an exempt fire or a Permit fire). If the Fire Danger rating is at Very High or above, do not light your fire without checking with your Fire Warden or Rural Fire Brigade.

Information on Fire Danger Periods  (when all fires require a Permit)  and Fire Bans (when no fires are allowed), can be found on the Rural Fire website





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