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 This web site hosted the initial pages for WADMS.  This page tells the story of the early history of the Shed and the Community involvement in it's  beginnings.

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Finally – Our WADMS building is very nearly finished.  After a massive effort over the last couple of months our stalwart volunteers have done a remarkable job of putting it all together.

We were eventually able to have the building reclassified to Class 8 and, as a result, we have now been issued our Form 11 - Certificate of Classification, [Completion Form], after several months of most unnecessary confusion, aggravation and contradiction. 

All of the external concreting has now been finished, including the pathway to the public toilets and the link to the Old School Building.  Most of the landscaping has been completed, still a little to see to but that will be done in due course.  Plumbing is now completed and commissioned and most of the work benches and storage areas have been finished and set up. Still a little to complete on the stormwater dispersal side of things but that will sort itself out. 

Electrical tools have all been tested and tagged for electrical safety.  The more mobile pieces of machinery have been fitted with wheels so that they can be rolled into location for the various tasks that we will undertake when the Shed becomes fully operational, and stored away when not in use.  The larger pieces of machinery have been located and infrastructure such as dust extraction and chip collection is almost finished.  Hand tools have been collated and sorted into enough individual kits to keep our Members fairly well supplied for their projects.  Needless to say we will never have enough workable tools so donations will always be welcome. 

We have been donated a number of very interesting antique and vintage hand tools of various types that we will restore and place on display as time goes by.  Bob has renovated our glass display cabinet and a set of Pattern Maker’s specialty planes, made by Brian Santinella’s father in the early 1900’s, has been mounted for display – quite a unique set of beautifully hand crafted tools from another time, when quality really meant something.

Col and Danny, with some expert assistance from other Members, have finished the decorative post and rail rustic fence around the building.  Our two donated wagon wheels, courtesy of Mrs. Eve Gordon and her late husband, have been fully restored and have now been bolted securely to the fence rails as a decorative addition to our rural theme.  Very countrified and rustic – in keeping with the context of the adjacent Old School Building.

Peter Branch, from Branch Signs, kindly donated a large sign-written WADMS logo that has now been placed on the front of the building where it can be seen from a distance.  It really stands out and ensures that no one can mistake the building.  We’ve also installed two large caravan awnings, donated by Aussie Traveller, over the roller doors in order to provide some sun and weather protection.

The upper floor of the Shed has been painted a pleasant pale blue colour with a darker hi-light wall for our projected entertainment area, if and when we can obtain a large screen TV, a projector and a pull down screen.   Gil has laid the vinyl flooring and the office and store room are now finished and fitted out, still to paint the doors but we’ll see to that in due course.  Phone and Internet has been connected and the Computer section is almost finished.  Computers have been installed and have now been networked so as to allow Members to access the Internet and be tutored on some of the tricks of surfing and the traps to watch out for.   We will recommence computer lessons shortly, and we may even consider a night class or two if Members feel that to be necessary and they will make use of the service.

Russell Curtis kindly donated some wooden venetian blinds for the upper floor windows, we’ve had them modified and, with a couple of additions, we’ve now got good sun and temperature control, and the glare through those large windows is now quite tolerable.  The kitchen is now fully equipped with a fridge and a freezer as well as a new Venini stainless steel stove, the benches, sinks and washing areas are in place and operational.  The hot water service donated by Caboolture Caravan Repairs has been installed as has our two Zip type instant hot water units for our coffee addicts.  Never short of hot water these days, and we need plenty of it.  We’ve also installed a refrigerated drinking water fountain for the hot days that are on the way.

Storage is a problem, and will be a perennial one for us.  I’d like to thank everyone who has donated space for us in their own sheds to allow us some breathing room until we can get a little more organized.  I hope you will be patient with us for a little while longer, at least until we can make some sense of exactly what we need on a daily basis and then make the necessary arrangements to store our goods and chattels somewhere under the one roof.

So – all in all this has been a very hectic period for some of our Members.  We can finally seen daylight and, if all goes well, we’ll be moving into full operational mode within the next few weeks.  Still a few loose ends to clean up but we are well over the hump now.

The concept, design and construction of the Wamuran and District Men’s Shed has taken just under two years to bring to fruition.  Because the Shed is purpose built, actually one of the very few in Australia that has been designed from the ground up for such use, it has been a painful learning curve for all concerned.  Confusion, distraction and, in some cases sheer stupidity have been evident in some aspects of the project.  Thankfully this has been tempered by the wonderful generosity of spirit, compassion and patience of our many Members and Supporters.  Without them this project could not have succeeded.  Sausage Sizzles, Second Hand sales and any number of other fund raising activities have been very successful in allowing us to bring the Shed in under budget and on time.  Again, without the generosity of our Supporters who buy our products, and our Members who spend their time and energy to attend the venues, we’d still be a long way short of the enviable position we find ourselves in today.

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on 25th October and within a week or two of that we will be moving on to regular organized Shed activities, initially opening 2 days a week from 9am to about 2pm and then we’ll consider additional days as time and necessity dictates.   



Our Shed - 15th October 2013.


 Meeting being held in the upper level of the new Shed.



Our WADMS Initials carved into a large blue gum slab and mounted on the western side of the building.





 Very early days at Keith's Shed


Wamuran and District Men’s Shed concept began in early October of 2011 from a casual discussion between some of the members of the Wamuran Historical and Visitor’s Centre.

From that discussion the decision was made to call for expressions of interest from the local Community as to the level of interest in, and the viability of, the concept in the local area.  Initial response was amazing – around 70 men and women indicated their interest in the potential project and listed the activities that they would like to pursue.

A Public Meeting was called, at very short notice I might add, for 11th November at the Wamuran Community Hall.  Around 60 attended and there were 12 apologies, an astounding level of interest for such an embryonic exercise. At that meeting a Steering Committee and Fund Raising Committee was formed and the race was on to get the Wamuran and District Men’s Shed – WADMS – up and running.  Permission was obtained from the Wamuran Community Hall Committee to erect a Shed adjacent to and behind the Old Wamuran School Building – the WHVC.  Fund Raising began in early December 2011 with Sausage Sizzles at Masters in Morayfield and some donated machinery that was not suitable for use in the Shed, with permission of the donor, was turned into cash for the Project.

Another public meeting in December became our initial ‘Sign On Night’ and 32 Members signed on the dotted line on that evening. Based on my research into other Men’s Sheds around the country this was a staggering first up Membership list – the norm being something in the order of 6 to 10.  Our Membership group included, almost uniquely, about one third women and, as a result, we have formed a Ladies stream – The Ladies Link – to operate in conjunction with the Men’s activities streams and based at the WHVC.  We envision that, when we complete our own Shed, we will have segregated Ladies Activities Days similar to the Men’s Days.  It's most important for all to remember that, first and foremost, this Project is a MEN'S SHED and the Shed activities are completely segregated.  Men's Shed Days are for Men alone and are designed so that men can do what men do, without any female influence or interruption. Social Activities will generally be mixed Ladies and Gents, at the choice of the Members.  Since that first Membership sign on we have increased our Membership roll to over 45 official Members and there are always a number of Visitor’s and Guests at most of the activities.  We expect many of these casual attendees to eventually sign on as full Members.

We have joined the Australian Men’s Shed Association and now enjoy full Membership Status.  We have been taken under the Auspice Umbrella of WHVC to allow us to obtain full AMSA Insurance and Accreditation.  We have been generously allowed the use of a large shed owned by Keith Craig’s Plumbing where we have a Men’s Shed Day every Tuesday from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm.  Activities there include assembling vintage motor bikes, renovating donated equipment, wood turning and other similar pursuits.  More activities will come on line as we set up more infrastructure and group leading expertise.  Painting classes are held weekly at the Old Wamuran School and we envisage that we will soon be commencing Photography and Music group activities.

Later general meetings have seen the adoption of a Constitution for Wamuran and District Men’s Shed and as a result we will eventually become an Incorporated and Autonomous body. Our current Steering/Management Committee will then be dissolved and we will elect a Committee under the rules of Incorporation.  We have decided to include, where we can, a Social aspect to our General Meetings whereby we enjoy a BBQ and Community get together in the Old School grounds after the Meeting has finished. Our Fund Raising group caters for the BBQ and a small charge covers the cost of the meal.    

Plans are well under way to erect a purpose built 120 m2 2 story shed directly behind the Old Wamuran School Building.  Quotes have been obtained that indicate that we will need to raise in the order of $120,000 plus to construct a Shed and equip it to the required Commercial and Safety standard.  This will be no mean feat and we are going to have to rely on the Local Community to support the Project to the best of their ability. We envisage that, with the use of the facilities of the WHVC building and the proposed new Shed we should be able to cater for the Community into the foreseeable future, funding and approvals permitting.

The Men’s Shed movement around Australia has grown to epic proportions in the last 5 years and, from the response we have had for WADMS, one can understand the pressing need for Community facilities such as these.  Needless to say the biggest issue will always be funding, or the lack thereof.  Because WADMS, and many other Sheds in a similar situation, is a NEW Project there is very little public funding available. Apparently the situation changes somewhat once the physical structure has been erected, some additional funding then becomes available.  As a result we have to do the hard yards initially to raise the funds to build the Shed – it then might become a little easier one would hope.  

I hope this summary of our beginnings has been helpful.  Please check the links to the left of this page to see up-dates on our activities and other information about WADMS.  If you are interested in becoming involved in the project please don’t hesitate to contact me:


Barry Davidson

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